• Movement: W, A, S, D
  • Aim: Mouse
  • Melee/shoot: Left-click
  • Change weapons: 1 through 4 or scroll wheel
  • Stow weapons(Melee mode): 3 or E
  • Swap to previous weapon: Q
  • Switch gun slots: T or drag gun to another slot
  • Reload: R
  • Scope zoom: Left-Click on zoom
  • Pickup/loot/revive: F
  • Use medical item: Left-click on item or 7 through 0
  • Drop item: Right-click on item
  • Cancel action: X
  • View map: M or G
  • Toggle minimap: V
  • Use team ping wheel: Hold C, then hold right-click and drag mouse, then release right-click
  • Use emote wheel: Hold right-click and drag mouse, then release right-click

Survivio is a competitive shooting and fighting game. Here, you will experience a real large-scale escape and killing. In this multiplayer battle, you will collect favorable materials and occupy the best geographical position, so that you can conquer the best state in the map, defeat all opponents and become the winner of the game.

Survivor’s game content

If you have ever played chicken-eating, this Survivor game will get twice the result with half the effort. The direction key moves in the direction, the left mouse button fires, and the letter f collects materials. G opens the map. You will play games with many people, and there will be a design of shrinking circles on the map. If you do not enter the safety zone within the time allowed, you may be poisoned. Within the whole game, bandage drinks can play a healing role.  Head, armor, guns, and other equipment can protect safety while attacking the enemy.

Survivor’s Game Features

In Survivor, the building of the room is relatively simple. You can get materials by opening the box. The quality of the materials depends on your luck. Secondly, the character’s design is a lovely circle. It moves flexibly and moves quickly. It is also a game of wisdom and deception, which needs to accumulate materials and defeat the enemy before he shoots.

If you like to challenge the exciting survival game, then survival, similar to Jedi survival, will let you experience a thrill in the pixel world. When you get off the plane, what you need to do is to collect resources and be alert to the surroundings. Kill all the enemies, stay away from the poison circle, and strive to be the last to survive. The answer hero 2(clicker heroes 2) is an incredible game. You will take an exciting adventure to unlock more lands and defeat more creatures in Shinhwa.

Free jigsaw puzzles is a game that can relieve your pressure. When you concentrate on completing puzzles, you will reduce the intrusion of negative emotions. And you can also exercise your observation here and put together the jigsaw puzzle with the fit. However, Mutilate A Doll 2 is entirely a game that can let you release pressure. You will be able to do various degrees of damage to the dolls in the room, making it a real punching bag and allowing you to release all unhappiness.

However, RUN 2 is a running game. What you need to do is to observe the road ahead so that it can avoid the vacant place during the moving process and prevent one step from falling into the gap and the game challenge fails.